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The Management Committee and volunteers look forward to everyone having a great weekend. To keep everyone safe, we have put in place some important guidelines and appreciate them being followed during your stay with us. 

"Grassdale" is a historic farm in Wandering and offers picturesque views over the townsite. 

Camping sites are available in 1 size 10x10m and can accommodate campers van, camper trailers, tents, swags and caravans.

Camping Grounds

The camping grounds are located at 99 Wandering-Pingelly Road, Wandering, WA
These grounds are private property and as such the main homestead is not to be accessed during the event. Please stay within the designated event area. 

No campfires permitted. 

Toilets and showers provided at camping grounds. Please note showers are limited, so if you can be a self contained camper - we would encourage you to do so.  

Please use the rubbish bins provided throughout the grounds to help keep the property tidy and our wildlife safe. 

Please be courteous to other campers and keep noise to a minimum during the evenings after the Paddock Parties have finished. 

Vehicles are not to be moved once in the camp grounds. A shuttle bus will be operating all weekend to move guests around the townsite and to other event locations. If you would like to use your vehicle during the event, you will need to park  in the general parking areas. 

The camping grounds are located adjacent to The Paddock Party area and walking distance into town. 
We recommend you bring a supply of water with you for your campsite. There will be a back-up supply of water for campers, however self contained camping is encouraged. 

TICKETS for camping can be obtained here:

Camping tickets do not include access to tours. Tour tickets need to be purchased seperately. 


Food vans will be onsite to provide breakfast for campers both mornings.


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